Big Canoe Hornet & Wasp Removal

By Southern Pest Management!


If you are having issues with Bees, Hornets, or Wasps you are in the right place! We have had the pleasure of serving the Big Canoe community for over 12+ years and we have perfected our Hornet & Wasp Removal program to be affordable, fast, and effective. Feel free to take your time to learn about these insects and our removal service if you wish OR you can give us a call and we can personally help you with this issue even if you just have questions that we can destroy with our answers.

– The Bees, Hornets, and Wasps We Remove –

Bald-faced ‘Hornet’ Removal – Big Canoe

Bald-faced Hornets, which are wasps and not true hornets, exclusively build aerial hives and whether they build their hive in a bush, a tree, or on a house when they are a nuisance we can remove them! While they can help control pest insects having a ‘hornet’ hive in close proximity to where people are increases the risks of people being stung especially if the hive is under 15 ft high because of the flight path they take from their hive.

We can quickly remove these and we offer a GUARANTEE with our work!

Yellowjacket Removal – Big Canoe

Yellowjackets typically build their hives in the ground or in a building rarely do they create an aerial hive. Having one of these hives nearby can be an issue because when try to feed upon our food or drink people can get stung, sometimes in the MOUTH when they accidentally drink one of these wasps!

We remove these from the ground and within structures regularly and offer a GUARANTEE for our work.

Honeybee Removal & Relocation – Big Canoe

Honeybees are protected by law and rightfully so since they are incredibly important pollinators and contribute billions to our agricultural industry annually. If you are dealing with a swarm, which is an exposed mass of bees that can sometimes be found hanging on a branch or on a part of a building, this is usually a temporary rest stop for them on their way to a suitable location to start a hive. If they do take up residence in your structure they have to be removed and relocated.

With our service, we use advanced technology to accurately locate them so if we have to open up a part of your structure to remove them we minimize the extent of our modifications. We also take a lot of effort to protect the area so we minimize any mess created from the honey or wax.

Any questions give us a call!